Not often does a property come to the market that is the epitome of the classic kiwi dream… A home that rekindles fond memories of a childhood where you would play outside in the fully fenced yard until the sun went down or Mum called you in for dinner… or where you could stroll 3-minutes down the road to the local Dairy for an ice-cream… Single scoop or double?

Within the walls of this beautifully remodelled family home lies an opportunity to give your children the increasingly rare quintessential kiwi upbringing… and with it enduring memories of an idyllic childhood.

This flat 811m2 property with excellent road frontage also comes with a compelling bonus… being zoned Mixed Housing Suburban under the Auckland Unitary Plan you can buy with the confidence that your investment is a good one and that your families future is secure.

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. The market is ready for you to make your next step… to stop dreaming and start living. You can live the ultimate kiwi dream here at 24 Matua Road.